ACUD Galerie

Thu. 20.06.2024 | 7 pm

Олоҕум хараҥа суолугар уһуктар мин эрэлим сарсыҥҥы күҥҥэ - On my life's dark path my hope for tomorrow appears

Könyl Sïr, Svetlana Romanova


ACUD Galerie
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

The lecture/video-performance, presented in a context of  Олоҕум хараҥа суолугар уһуктар мин эрэлим сарсыҥҥы күҥҥэ - On my lifes dark path my hope for tomorrow appears exhibition, focuses on tensions between the state and the Republic of Sakha, centering attention on the colonial occupation of Siberia. Indigenous presence in Russia is unnoticed in the global agenda, and with the ongoing war and imposed sanctions the impending isolation of the arctic becomes apparent. Such conditioning stresses the necessity to translate a very niche historic content into a transmittable and aesthetically palatable form.

In the project, we are imagining the autonomous space that “sakha-rap” is, alongside looking at the forms it took throughout the years. How it came to be - what has influenced it? We want to locate the momentum of its creation within the current “time-space” context. We want to utilize Sakha rap as a form and as a material to help us formulate the past, present and possible future of Yakutia.

Svetlana Romanova will share with the audience her body of research on the postcolonial reality of the Indigenous people of Yakutia and the anonymous artist will continue with a video-performance, breaking down some lyrical aspects of the most important songs/artists work, while drawing parallels to the political events that were occurring in Republic of Sakha.

ACUD Galerie

The ACUD Galerie is the non-commercial exhibition space of ACUD MACHT NEU.
The artistic director is Linnéa Meiners. Additionally to the own gallery program, curators and artists are invited to conceive exhibition series and single exhibitions, often in conjunction with performative and discursive formats in the other spaces of the house.

Most of the exhibitions focus on the possibility of new forms of social cooperation and alternative world views in connection to discourses on post-nationalism, decolonisation, post-capitalism, activism, feminism, queerness, embodied practices and multiperspectivity. The exhibition program never stands in isolation, but is accompanied by a participatory framework program that enhances exchange and discourse.

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