Mehringplatz 20

Tue 18.06.2024 | 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Feast

Alicja Rogalska, Julio Linares, Zsofia Samodai

Exhibition, Performance

4 pm: Film Screening
6 pm: Dinner
7 pm: Reading : After Fuel, After Money 
8 pm: Closing ritual

Mehringplatz 20, 10969 Berlin - Kreuzberg
(ring Broback Härtelova)

The opening of the exhibition The Feast will see a conversation between an artist and an economist, both of whom work towards a world beyond money... to be achieved in our lifetime. Alicja Rogalska is a Polish artist creating videos, installations, and social situations to share the strategies and radical imaginations already deployed by the working class. Julio Linares is a Guatemalan economic anthropologist and activist who experiments with liberatory basic income. Both their work speaks to ideas of an-other world, and wishes of life liberated from capitalist exploitation. The opening will see a screening of Alicja Rogalska's movie The Feast, in which she set up a life action role play of a “metabolic feast, a dinner ritual commemorating the end of humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels, happening sometime in the future when humans harness and distribute surplus energy generated by their metabolisms and movements.” Visitors will get to see the movie as well as take part in our own collective Feast. The dinner will be followed by a reading from Julio Linares's upcoming book Decolonizing Money (2024), in which he shows how imagining life after fossil fuels necessarily means imagining life after money. After the reading, the audience will be invited for a consent and money burning ritual facilitated by Linares and Zsofia Samodai. The exhibition continues exploring many ideas that were present in MP20's last Project Space Festival  exhibition (by Cassie Thornton), such as: paid and unpaid care work, the somatic toll of money on our bodies, and the role of arts in the resistance against debt and the privatization of suffering.

Mehringplatz 20

Mehringplatz 20 is an exhibition space located in a bedroom. The space is curated by Magdalena J. Härtelova who also serves as its cleaner, host, and theoretician. Mehringplatz 20 presents solo exhibitions by artists engaged in, as the gallery's Code of Practice states, "thinking and creating postcapitalist worlds". Among presented projects have been: Amy Balkin's (et al.) People's Archive of Sinking and Melting, a documentation of the future of climate change, Cassie Thornton's exhibition about Mythical Celestial Bodies and the influence of money on our bodies, Bea Xu's Plastic Lattice, a long-distance communication device using period blood and mycelium network, and Alice Yuan Zhang's research on non-Western mutual aid Becoming Infrastructure, presented in the form of an exhibition.

Founding year: 2020

Seating: Seating on chairs, bench and bed available. Home environment

Age groups: Suitable for children

Languages: English, For whisper translation, please contact the curator in advance:

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Not wheelchair accessible. The gallery is in an apartment, which is located on the first floor without an elevator. Untrained assistance with stairs available.

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Elevator: -

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Not accessible.

Neurodiversity: Event built around sitting down and ca 20 minute long moments of attention on one speaker. However, everybody is welcomed to come in and out, pace, and pay attention in many ways.

Blind people: Not suitable.

Further notes: Home environment, including a cat. No ID check. No pay. Free dinner provided. Bring your own drinks. We are happy to find individual solutions together. For access needs, please contact the curator in advance: