stay hungry

Sun 16.06.2024 | 2 pm - 8 pm

Zur Verkieselung des Stadtraumes 2 - Die Gegenwart

Pegasus Product

Curated by Michel Aniol & Meike Kuhnert

Intervention in public space

Seat pebbles in the Kleiner Tiergarten

Near Turmstraße/ corner of Thusnelda-Allee, 10551 Berlin-Moabit
Geodata : 52.526114,13.338028 oder G8GQ+C6R
5 min. walk from Turmstraße subway station

stay hungry presents the second part of their series of interventions taking place in Berlin's public space Zur Verkieselung des Stadtraums with a site-specific contribution by the dynamic group practice Pegasus Product, which deals with the so-called Sitzkiesel located in the Kleiner Tiergarten and their ambivalent history of creation and reception. 

The long-discussed redesign plans for the Kleiner Tiergarten were realized from 2011-2016 with the idea of socially activating the site. In the course of this redesign, the concrete seating pebbles (german: “Sitzkiesel”) were created, which were erected in the park as potential seating, but were never actually used as such. Contrary to the well-intentioned urban planning intentions, the project sparked controversy among the local population, as citizens criticized a failure of the original idea and its implementation.

This is where Pegasus Products' artistic investigation of the site comes in, presenting a participatory format for Project Space Festival 24 that offers alternative proposals for reactivating and utilizing the seating pebbles and invites visitors to explore the area and the activities taking place there.

The intervention is accompanied and interpreted in culinary terms by stay hungry through a Mobile Menu and invites visitors to eat, linger and discover the site together.

The intervention series Zur Verkieselung des Stadtraums by stay hungry uses locations in Berlin to examine both significant and silent modifications of urban architecture through urban development measures and their influence on the people who move around in it.

stay hungry

stay hungry was founded by visual artists Michel Aniol and Meike Kuhnert as an independent project space with a permanent location in Berlin-Neukölln. In this non-commercial space, under the direction and curation of Aniol and Kuhnert, a multi-layered and interdisciplinary programme is realised in dialogue and collaboration with changing actors from the independent art and culture scene, providing a non-hierarchical, self-determined and financially independent platform for exchange and experimentation away from commercial structures.

Since 2017, stay hungry has been operating as a nomadic project initiative at ever-changing locations in Berlin's public and semi-public space, which are usually based on the intentions and content of the planned projects and often take them as their own theme.

In 2016, the interventionist food series Mobile Menu was launched, in which a content-related culinary connection is established with the respective exhibition theme through a meal that usually takes place at the final opening. In this context, the Mobile Menu can function as an extension, as a humorous commentary, as a discussion forum or even as a disruptive element within the exhibition context.

Founding year: 2014

Seating: Yes, seating furniture in public space.

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages: German, English, Danish, French, Spanish, Nonverbal communication possible

Wheelchair users / Buggies: The event is accessible via a gravel path.

Toilet: No toilet available

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Suitable

Neurodiversity: Suitable

Blind people: Suitable