When You’re Calmer

Sun 09.06.2024 | 4 pm - 9 pm


Dzekashu MacViban, Jelena Mijić, Mariel Miranda, Shock Forest Group, Tesla Stoppen

Curated by Wendy Calmer

Exhibition, Panel Discussion

When You’re Calmer
Gottlieb-Dunkel-Straße 43 / 3.OG, 12099 Berlin-Tempelhof-Schöneberg

The new status of our consumer objects lies in the political significance they claim. In the group exhibition ‘Turbid’, artists and activists from Brandenburg, Serbia and Mexico have been invited to explore the Germans' favorite status object: the car. Their work shows the processes of economic exploitation and physical violence against the environment and people in the production methods of multinational capitalist networks, which are covered up or justified by the visionary traits propagated by their chairmen in the media. What remains of the green future when water becomes scarce at test sites from Tijuana to Brandenburg and labor rights are further curtailed for the production of the supposedly morally justifiable car? In an interdisciplinary discussion, the project asks to what extent the cult of techno-genius, which is in no way inferior to that of art, ultimately serves to further normalise the old colonial narrative of the necessity of an exploitable other in the name of progress. During the opening, a lecture performance will be held in the project space, bringing the participating positions and processes into dialogue. The audience is invited to participate in a moderated discussion with the artists and activists present. The exhibition opening is part of a series of events, walks and workshops that will continue until late summer and will also take place at the Tesla site.

When You’re Calmer

When You're Calmer (WYC) is probably Berlin's smallest project space. Originally conceived as a response to the online viewing rooms of the pandemic, WYC has been showing its real, somewhat more precarious existence alongside its dazzling online identity for a year now. 

Since 2021, artists have been invited to engage with the size of the space and show their work in the parallel worlds of WYC. It is inevitable that the format will not touch on certain themes: the play with identity and anonymity on the net, the aura of the white cube, but also repression and forced downsizing. 

WYC stands for the balancing act of art between elitism and precariousness. Workshops, interdisciplinary lectures and round tables are regularly organised to accompany the exhibitions in order to give space to the questions that the space raises. Ultimately, if you give yourself the time, you will realise the true size of the space.

Founding year: 2020

Seating: Chairs, sofa, seat cushions

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages: English, German, Spanish/Italian speakers on site

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Wheelchair accessible, Elevator available

Toilet: Not accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Not suitable

Neurodiversity: If you have special needs, please contact us and we will do our best to meet them.

Blind people: Suitable (with assistance)