alpha nova & galerie futura

Sun 02.06.2024 | 5 pm - 9 pm

to slip, to slide, to glitch

Larisa Crunţeanu, Sonja Hornung

In curatorial collaboration with Katharina Koch & Sylvia Sadzinski


alpha nova & galerie futura
Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin-Treptow

In an expansive installation with video works, textiles, text and sculptural elements, to slip, to slide, to glitch explores moments of control, disruption, destruction and restoration in the production of landscapes through so-called green capitalism. Disruptions or glitches, as can be found, for example, in faulty satellite images of open-cast mines, are understood to reflect interruptions in the landscape more broadly, with deep-seated implications for bodies (of humans, animals, plants and water) on the ground. Larisa Crunţeanu and Sonja Hornung’s artistic research takes as its starting-point (post-) mining landscapes in East Germany and Romania. Together, they investigate how the desire for an ecological and just transformation collides with ongoing, profit-driven extraction processes. Who benefits from the desire for change and restoration, and how does this repeatedly negatively impact people and ecosystems? to slip, to slide, to glitch blurs notions of nature and artificiality, because landscape is always partly produced by humans: here, either through the projected imaginary of full restoration, or through actual neglect. Hyper-coloured algal blooms and orange waters infused with ferric sulfates become the spectacular symptoms of enduring ecological disaster. At the same time, the project is dedicated to the productive power that arises when we do not see “natural” and “artificial”conditions as two separate entities, pointing towards the need to recognise practices that might embrace the wounds of the world, and take responsibility to care for the world as it is.

alpha nova & galerie futura

alpha nova & galerie futura is an exhibition and event space in Berlin that has existed since 1986 and combines cultural production and cultural mediation practices from a decidedly emancipatory and feminist perspective. It is currently run by Katharina Koch (since 2012) and Sylvia Sadzinski (since 2019). The focus is on collaboration with female artists and FLINTA individuals. alpha nova & galerie futura creates a space for linking political intervention and artistic practice in order to develop critical viewpoints for art, science and society. Every year, four to five mostly themed exhibitions of visual art of all genres are realized in close collaboration with the participating artists and other partners. In addition, (accompanying and expanding) events take place with talks, panel discussions, lectures, film screenings and performances, music and literature. Workshops with various thematic and methodological focal points as well as moderated roundtable discussions for the professional exchange of cultural producers are offered on a regular basis. Our services also include advice and support in conceptualisation and network development for FLINTA in artistic fields. alpha nova & galerie futura has been working with various institutions and individuals on temporary projects locally, nationally and internationally for many years. Focal points: Feminisms, intersectionality, postcolonialism, collaborative work, art as knowledge production, research as an artistic format, feminist curating, feminist instituting.

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