SAP Space

Mon 03.06.2024 | 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

A Question of Intervals and Scales

Alizée Armet, Nadja Verena Marcin, Janne Höltermann, Sidsel Ladegaard

Curated by Ilyn Wong


SAP Space
Donaustr. 50, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

A Question of Intervals and Scales is an exhibition with works by Alizée Armet, Janne Höltermann, Nadja Verena Marcin, and Sidsel Ladegaard that ponders the way shifts in scale enable bodies to understand and recognize space, environment, and by extension, world. 

The topic of scale brings to mind the destructive scale of human impact, the power of collectivity, the colossal ways invisible viruses can alter lives. It also references one of Capitalism’s favorite words: “scalability,” an ethos rooted in expansionism. Yet scale shifts also imply distance and time — how things get smaller when farther away, how pain lessens with time — both of which offer clarity and reflection. This exhibition hopes to carve out a little space to contemplate these bigger thoughts. And in some ways, the garden, a “scaled-back” abstraction of nature, seems an apt place for these many layered considerations.

SAP Space

SAP Space is a project space that thinks about the garden as an expanded topic, offering a physical and conceptual space for investigations in naturecultures and beyond. The space is in the Hinterhof of a Neukölln Altbau, and includes a small single-story building and the garden within which it sits. The garden is also an extension of the living space of SAP Space's founders, where the semiotics of Art seeps into the iconography of an everyday backyard and vice-versa, blurring the quotidian and the discursive.   

The name SAP Space comes from the multiple meanings of the word "sap" — meaning both the vital circulating fluid of a plant, as well as an overly sentimental person — a small but appropriate word for a project that was born out of the collaboration and labor of a domestic partnership.

Taking a cue from the rhythm of the seasons, SAP Space hosts exhibitions, performances, and workshops from April until October, and hibernates in the Winter months. 

The seed for SAP Space was planted sometime around 2019 or 2020, but was officially founded in 2022 by Ilyn Wong and Johannes Knall. The programming is directed by Ilyn Wong.

Founding year: 2022

Seating: Benches and some chairs

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages: English, The exhibition text will be in English, but there will be people present (artists and organizers) who can provide verbal information in German

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Accessible, but slightly uneven terrain, entrance via the garden

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Suitable, Some artworks have an audio component, but most works will still be accessible for the hearing impaired.

Neurodiversity: The garden space provides a relatively quiet environment.

Blind people: All artworks are primarily visual works, but we are happy to provide explanations upon request.