Sat 22.06.2024 | 4 pm - 10 pm

The farm

Miiel Feraez, Isu Mignon, Iga Swiesciak, Shy

Curated by July Weber and Makarena Fuentes

Exhibition, Performance

Reichenberger Str. 114, 10999 Berlin

„The farm“ is an unconventional performative petting zoo. Invited and organized by July Weber in collaboration with Makarena Fuentes, 4 artists transform into chimeric creatures inspired by the animal kingdom, mythology and speculative fiction. They use costumes, props, sounds and specific movement qualities to built and embody their fantastic characters. For the duration of an entire day, they will be living and nesting in the spaces of NEW FEARS. They coexist, built temporary homes and might establish relations among each other. The audience is invited to spend time in this utopian ecosystem, observe the creatures going about their everyday business and possibly interact with them, feed and pet them, if they can gain their trust.


The project space NEW FEARS was founded in summer of 2020 to offer particularly young, aspiring artists a platform to work, experiment and present at the intersection of choreography and visual art, with a focus on body-related practices. NEW FEARS was initiated by July Weber in response to the lack of hybrid spaces that meet the logistical requirements for both dance and visual arts practices. The project space utilises a combination of structures from the visual and performing arts to offer artists flexibility and long-term support and to create transdisciplinary working conditions. NEW FEARS examines body politics, participation models, club culture, and mixed formats and is also a social space. It promotes community building with workshops, markets and exchange and in this way tries to create a safe space of mutual support for a wide variety of backgrounds, genders and perspectives.

Founding year: 2020

Seating: Chairs

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages: No human language

Wheelchair users / Buggies: There are two steps at the entrance

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Suitable

Neurodiversity: -

Blind people: Not suitable