Sun 23.06.2024 | 12 pm - 8 pm

Fragmented (hi)stories

Mirjana Mitrović

Curated by Cecilia Falkman and Niamh-Erin Cusack

Workshop, Exhibition

12 pm - 3 pm : Workshop (Workshop registration before 12.06.24 (Workshop language English!)
3 pm - 8 pm : Exhibition

TURBA Factory
Teilestraße 11-16, 12099 Berlin-Tempelhof

TURBA Factory invites media artist Mirjana Mitrović to present her artistic practice as part of a workshop and exhibition.

The workshop playfully deconstructs the chapter "M [The Flâneur]" in Walter Benjamin's “Passages”. We'll delve into the century-old tradition of flânerie, exploring how it can be applied in the current urban space from a (queer)feminist and postcolonial perspective. Afterwards, participants will stroll from Turba Factory onto the streets, collecting impression-fragments along the way. At the end, each participant will have the opportunity to present their impressions.

After the workshop, the public and workshop attendees are invited to explore Mitrović's project "Fragmented (hi)stories" at TURBA Factory. Mitrović draws inspiration from the archive of her mother, examining the significance of family records in the 21st Century and various forms of intergenerational and transnational memory transfer. The exhibited work represents the artist's initial steps into the living fabric of oral traditions, collected documents, and of various objects. Experimentally, she engages with the existential question of endings and beginnings between dream and reality.


TURBA e.V. is an organization of affiliated artists dedicated to realizing cultural projects worldwide through international cooperation.

The TURBA Factory serves as both a transdisciplinary project space and a workshop, facilitating the convergence of knowledge transfer and artistic practice. Since their establishment in 2020, the mission of the group has been to forge a distinctive connection between their workshop program and their discourse production.

Operating as an autonomous project space with a self-directed and self-organized working structure, TURBA is providing interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary artistic activities and projects that are not driven by market forces.

By combining their workshop offerings and discourse production, the group aim to establish a platform where artists and enthusiasts can exchange ideas, network, and engage in collaborative learning and experimentation.

Founding year: 2015

Seating: Some folding chairs

Age groups: The workshop is most suitable for adults of all ages, but children are of course welcome

Languages: English, Texts could be provided in both English and German language.

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Not wheelchair accessible, Studio building without elevator

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Some events involves discussions in a small group, but for a person without a too severe hearing problem this could still work

Neurodiversity: The workshop will contain a brief introduction, a walk around the neighborhood, as well as a creative ending task where participants themselves can decide what they want to do and how they want to present their impressions. There will be a range of options available, which will cater for most needs.

Blind people: Not suitable