Tue 11.06.2024 | 5 pm - 8 pm


Vlad Brăteanu, Martin Elmar de Haan, Inken Reinert, Lia Rutenberg, Anna-Lena Wenzel

Curated by Silke Nowak


Volkspark Hasenheide, Columbiadamm 184, 12049 Berlin-Neukölln
opposite the "Sommerbad Neukölln" in the vicinity of the skate park and the sports field

The temporary exhibition ‘Neuordnung’, in public space, shows works of art made from used, discarded or lost materials. The work ‘Gehrenseestraße’ by Vlad Brăteanu shows an architectural model of the former Plattenbau complex in the street of the same name, which is soon to be demolished for a new neighbourhood. The site was one of the largest housing projects for mostly Vietnamese contract workers in the former GDR.  The artist has created a reconstruction of the buildings using discarded building materials from the site. It serves to reflect on the preservation of the complex as a protected cultural heritage site.
Martin Elmar de Haan (1970 - 2024) built musical instruments and sculptures from materials he found on the street. He played the instruments and occasionally organized spontaneous concerts. He presented the sculptures in public spaces near his current location.
Inken Reinert works with discarded GDR furniture. She dismantles various pieces of furniture, frees them from their original function, reassembles them in a modified form and thus turns them into sculptures.
Lia Rutenberg shows shoes that she found on the coast of a Mediterranean island. Traces of wear and tear are clearly visible. The artist presents these shoes in an accurate arrangement. Looking at them raises the question of their origin and the journey they have travelled.
Anna-Lena Wenzel roams the urban space attentively and collects what others have lost or thrown away. In most cases, the original function of these ‘found objects’ is no longer recognisable. By exhibiting them as works of art, Wenzel raises questions about authorship and valorisation mechanisms in the field of art.


SCHNEEEULE is a venue for exhibitions and film screenings in Berlin. Like the bird of the same name, the project space is flexible in its choice of location.

SCHNEEEULE aims to make hidden and little-noticed positions visible and give them space for public debate: Overlooked historical positions, artists with disabilities, artists affected by poverty and homeless artists exhibit together with other Berlin artists.

Many people experience barriers when they enter museums or galleries. Not only because of the high entrance fees, but also due to the fear of not knowing or not mastering the rules of behaviour. The exhibitions and events therefore take place in non-specific art venues: in display cases at Berlin underground stations, in cafés, shops, clubhouses or gardens.

Founding year: 2012

Seating: Benches

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages: German, English

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Almost all exhibition areas are accessible

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Suitable

Neurodiversity: Suitable

Blind people: Suitable