6x6 Project

Wed 12.06.2024 | 8 pm

6x6 Project goes Open-Air

Musquiqui Chihying, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Liz Rosenfeld, Sweatmother, Melanie Jame Wolf

Curated by 6x6 Project


Atelier Gardens
Oberlandstraße 26-35, 12099, Berlin-Tempelhof

6x6 Project will present their first Open-Air screening, in collaboration with Atelier Gardens. This event aspires to establish itself as a summertime fixture in Berlin. Each year, an artist will be invited to curate a short film programme featuring participating artists from the 6x6 Project platform. Artist and founder of the 6x6 Project, Mirelle Borra, will be selecting the first screening programme.

Rather than providing a single overarching theme, the screening programme will draw on a wide range of artists' film and moving image approaches on hand, attempting to uncover underlying tendencies and connections and thereby constructing a web of associations.

The event starts at 20:00. There will be a DJ set by VerbalVisual before the screening. The short film programme will begin promptly at sunset.

If the weather does not allow for an open-air showing. The screening will take place indoors at the Atelier Gardens.

6x6 Project

6x6 Project is an artist-run online platform dedicated to the promotion and distribution of artists’ works in digital form. Founded by artist Mirelle Borra in 2017, the 6x6 Project is engaged in building an international community of artists.

6x6 Project draws inspiration from the alternative art space movement of the 1970s in New York by utilising the ‘artists-selecting-artists’ model whereby six artists, each select another artist for inclusion on the platform every six weeks. 6x6 Project platform offers a more multifaceted approach for the audience to discover the multiplicity of artists’ film and moving image practices.

6x6 Project is particularly interested in artistic practices with an emphasis on critical perspectives.

To date, there have been thirty-four editions with six different artists each. The website now features two hundred and four artist profiles and contains more than five hundred artists' moving image works.

Founding year: 2017

Seating: Deckchairs

Age groups: Recommended 12+

Languages: English, A couple of films have little or no dialogue, and most can be experienced visually.

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Wheelchair accessible at ground level

Toilet: Wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: The majority of the films with spoken language have English subtitles.

Neurodiversity: You can leave any time during the event, and a low-stimulation environment can be provided.

Blind people: Not suitable