Fri 07.06.2024 | 8 pm

Cloud 9

MOTHER (Camilla Lønbirk, Olivia Schrøder) & collectif blitzbereit (Eva Weibel, Matilde Flor, Julie Savery), Sabiwa


Quitzowstraße 108a, 10551 Berlin-Moabit

CLOUD9 is a collaborative performance by MOTHER and collectif blitzbereit. Together they intend to realize a desire to touch a cloud: they fill the space with a room-filling cloud of candy floss and transform it into a collectively tangible dreamscape. The performers interact with each other and the stage set. The cloud changes its form, becoming a living actor itself, until it finally dissolves completely. What remains are the sticky bodies of the performers, the fragments of a dream and the hazy glamor of reality. CLOUD9 plays with the tension between anticipation and disappointment. In this play, the sugar cloud serves as a metaphor for our dreams, goals and desires. What happens when expectations are not met? When dreams vanish into thin air? What if the dream of touching a cloud turns out to be a disappointment? The audience watches the performance from outside through the window front. The dream is not directly tangible for the audience. The performance extends beyond the exhibition space. Hypersensitive microphones transmit the sounds of the performance to the outside. The result is an immersive effect that makes it seem as if the audience is right in the middle of the action. This setting creates a paradoxical feeling of intimacy and distance - like dreams in the microsecond after waking up.


Spoiler is a platform for actors from the independent art and culture scene in a former car dealership in Berlin-Moabit. The collective that runs the space is interested in artistic interventions, exhibitions and performative formats. As curators, they enable third parties to produce and present art from the fields of visual arts, new media, performing arts, literature and culture and create a framework for this. The premises are made available to the artist groups free of charge. They utilize the group's interdisciplinary skills to create holistic collaborations. Short-termism and spontaneity are therefore an integral part of their mission statement. The group describes this guiding principle as follows: ‘We can think of no better occasion for artistic work than action. This means that we are in a constant process of transformation and our programme is often at odds with traditional venues for artistic production. The unpredictable generates our artistic programme, which we focus on as a source of inspiration and potential.

The name ‘Spoiler’ and our programme play with the concept of anticipation, which is actually a word with negative connotations. ‘The intention is not only to anticipate the best, but to show it.’

Founding year: 2019

Seating: Wooden benches without backrest and plastic chairs with backrest

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages: Possibly accompanying text in English, Can be translated into German

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Wheelchair accessible at ground level

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Suitable

Neurodiversity: -

Blind people: Not suitable

Further notes: Performers will be partially naked