Pickle Bar

Thu. 13.06.2024 | 7:30 pm


Daniel Kotowski

Sign Language: Weronika Szymańska-Gątarek
Curated by Pickle Bar


Pickle Bar
Stephanstrasse11, 10559 Berlin - Wedding

Daniel Kotowski is a Warsaw-based artist working on issues of inclusion in language. Born deaf and not using spoken language, through his work he explores the power dynamics in biological, social and linguistic communication in the context of biopolitics. Kotowski addresses the themes of normalization, conditioning, and the concept of free speech from the perspective of people whose senses function differently.  At Picke Bar Kotowski will present a new commissioned performance  “Delighting”, dedicated to examining the nature of feeling of horror or traumatic experience, which often when communicated through purely body movement, can be perceived as the expression of delight. Often those who do not know sign language see it as an expression of corporeality or a performativity. The performance examines the space of multiple interpretations and translations between the visual language of the body and the words and meanings.

Pickle Bar

Pickle Bar is a non-profit project space for research, performance and new formats of discursive programs in Berlin-Moabit, launched in 2020 by Slavs and Tatars and curators Patricia Couvet and Anastasia Marukhina. Dedicated to an unlikely form of knowledge production – one where hospitality and discourse are inseparable – Pickle Bar addresses items of urgency, through deep dives into often-overlooked areas of study in oral and cultural histories, material culture, language and gender studies, with the focus on the region of Eurasia. Pickle Bar is the Slavic equivalent of an aperitivo bar, where instead of cheese and wine, different fermented juices and bites are served. Pickle Bar invites other artists, thinkers, writers, and researchers to explore the limits of ideologies and the edges of belief systems.

Founding year: 2020

Seating: Chairs (without armrests) and stools

Age groups: Suitable for 16+

Languages: Universal sign language (used by deaf people), The performance is raising the question of communication beyond one language, so it is designed to be understood by people with the knowledge of any language.

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Wheelchair accessible at ground level

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Accessible

Neurodiversity: -

Blind people: Not suitable

Further notes: possible use of smoke machine