Thu 27.06.2024 | 7 pm


Alexandre Bavard, Maeva Berthelot

Curated by James Verhille & Damien Sayer

Exhibition and Performance

Seestr. 49, 13347 Berlin-Wedding

Alexandre Bavard's PASSERELLE is a hybrid project in artistic collaboration with choreographer Maeva Berthelot that deals with the complexity of today's social issues.  The project combines theatre, the fine arts, dance and performance to revisit the tragedy of Antigone in a contemporary context.


gr_und is a project space in Berlin Wedding conceived as an incubator for collaborations with artists of all media. The group who runs the project space consist of artists, curators, producers, art handlers and creative individuals who work collectively on a volunteer basis. Their model is structured in a horizontal way, around social encounters nurturing accessibility rather than one that is enclosed and hierarchical. 

gr_und is a transdisciplinary space for visual arts, performances, sound and linguistics, whose mission is to support artists and advancing the knowledge of what  contemporary practice, visual arts and culture can be in Berlin.

Founding year: 2017

Seating: 4 benches

Age groups: Suitable for 15+

Languages: English, If anyone doesn’t speak the language, we can explain it personally.

Wheelchair users / Buggies: Wheelchair accessible at ground level

Toilet: Not wheelchair accessible

Hearing impaired / Deaf people: Suitable

Neurodiversity: Suitable

Blind people: Suitable

Further notes: There will maybe be flashlights and a smoke machine.